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Clean Websites

Rest of the team coming soon.

I'm Kristie and I get my kicks building high traffic websites. 


Seriously though... I took a course in SEO and building high traffic websites, way back in 2013. It lit a fire in me, I never knew existed. The numbers game became an obsession and watching the traffic build became an addiction.

When I hit a wall a couple years later, I learned about local SEO and began building websites for friend's businesses. Overtime their traffic grew and so did their business, and it seemed I had a knack. I craved more and found my SEO guru, harassed him until he let me work for him and became a sponge of his knowledge. Having found the missing puzzle pieces I sold my one remaining website and took a break from the internet business. Years later, the Universe threw out an opportunity to get back in the game, building not just highly functioning, but also beautiful websites.


Fun fact, I'm also a commercial helicopter pilot, registered yoga teacher, ride dirt bikes and mountain bikes, love fishing and many other random fun things that supply a jolt of aliveness in my days.

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